Fire Mitigation

Wasatch Arborists – Fire Mitigation

Utah is a High Risk State for Fires

Wasatch Arborists Can Help With Fire Mitigation In Park City, Heber, Midway, and Salt Lake City

Household fires and wildfires are a huge problem in Summit, Wasatch, and Salt Lake counties.  The trees on your property can make a difference in the extent of damage to your structures and landscaping.  There are things Wasatch Arborists can do to proactively minimize fire damages on your property.

In order to reduce your risk of fire damages, we can remove and dispose of dead trees. We can also create fire breaks around your property. If you do happen to experience a fire, we can remove and clean up burned trees. Our goal is our client’s safety. If you are worried about fires and your trees, we can provide you with a free estimate, assess your trees, and provide you with a risk assessment.

Tree Disposal

Disposal Of Trees Is One Of The Most Important Ways To Provide Fire Mitigation.

Dead trees are one of the fastest burning trees, which means dead trees are a huge fire risk for your home and property. Wasatch Arborists offers tree disposal for both residential and commercial businesses in the Park City area. If you think a tree may be dead or dying, give us a call. We offer free estimates and will check your trees to ensure your trees are healthy. If not, we will remove them for you, all at a fair price.

Tree Pruning

Fire Mitigation Includes Pruning Your Trees To Reduce Fire Risk.

Trees can have their lower limbs removed – elevating them off the ground – and pruned away from your buildings to reduce fire risk.  Tree trimming for building clearance is not only beneficial for fire mitigation, but it is also good for your tree’s health and protection of your home or structures.

Fire Breaks

Creating a protective barrier around your property can save it when fires occur near your home.

Wasatch Arborists can provide a free fire mitigation consultation where we will discuss creating a fire break around your home or commercial property.  A fire break includes the removal of all trees, plants, and debris around your property, effectively creating a barrier that will stop oncoming fires.