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Wasatch Arborists – Services

Consulting and Risk Assessment

Our Certified Arborists are available for consulting and risk assessment.

The consulting process begins during our Free Estimates, where we assess and discuss your trees with you.  At that time we can evaluate your trees, identify risks, and help you to prioritize tree needs.

Tree Preservation

Whenever possible, Wasatch Arborists will work to preserve trees.

Pruning and reduction techniques can sometimes be used to meet your needs without removing trees. We can also help you to protect your trees from construction or animal damage. Our ISA-Certified Arborists will consult with you during your free estimate to explore whether or not tree preservation is an option for you.

Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

Wasatch Arborists specializes in tree care, including tree pruning.  Tree pruning has many benefits, including:
Improving and maintaining tree health
Reducing risk
Improving view or aesthetics
Reducing shade
Improving and maintaining tree structure
Reducing wind resistance
Providing building or roadway clearance

Risk Reduction

From dangerous to long living with specific techniques.

Potentially hazardous trees can have their lives elongated with specific techniques.  We can trim, prune, cable, and/or brace your trees to give them more stability and longevity.

Tree Removal

The knowledge, skills and equipment to remove dead, dying, or nuisance trees, safely and efficiently.

Removing a tree can be dangerous work, but Wasatch Arborists has the knowledge and skills to remove dead, dying, or nuisance trees, safely.  In case of storms or other emergencies, we can do 24/7 tree removal and we will always prioritize trees on buildings or in roadways.  Our tree removal services also include land clearing, which can be necessary for construction or other large projects.

Fire Mitigation

Reduce your risk of fire damages by removing and disposing of dead trees.

In order to reduce your risk of fire damages, we can remove and dispose of dead trees.  Live trees around your property can be elevated and deadwood can be removed to reduce fire risk further.  We can also create fire breaks around your property.  If you do happen to experience a fire, we can remove and clean up burned or damaged trees.

Stump Grinding

The most efficient and effective form of stump removal.

Stumps can be a safety concern and a nuisance.  Stump grinding removes the stump, so it won’t ruin your lawn mower or cause people to trip and fall.  Grinding also reduces the chances of tree regrowth and allows for a replacement tree to be planted.

Snow Removal

Utah winters can be harsh.  Let us help you remove snow from your roof and roadways.

Wasatch Arborists staff have the skills and equipment to plow your roadways and safely shovel your roofs.

Other Services We Proudly Provide

Firewood Splitting and Delivery
Exterior Christmas Light Hanging
Chipping – we can chip your wood and/or brush piles, removing the wood chips or leaving them on-site for your use.