Tree Preservation

Wasatch Arborists – Tree Preservation

Trees Are An Integral Part of Our Environment

Whenever Possible, Wasatch Arborists Will Work To Preserve Trees.

Healthy trees live for a long time and will flourish if cared for properly. Whenever possible, Wasatch Arborists will work to save trees. Our ISA Certified Arborists will consult with you during your free estimate to explore whether tree preservation is an option for you. Our certified arborists provide tree preservation services to Park City residents and business owners.

What Tree Preservation Includes

Avoiding Removal:

If you have a tree that you want removed solely for aesthetics or building clearance, pruning and reduction techniques can sometimes be used to meet your needs without removing your trees. Trees identified as having risks can be cabled, braced, or pruned to support the tree and encourage it to flourish.


We can develop a Tree Protection plan that addresses:

  • Proactively protecting your trees from pests and animals. We can install fencing around your trees to protect the trunk and roots from animals.
  • Proactively working with construction zones to protect trees and their root structures from damage.