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Commercial Tree Services

Expert Maintenance for Commercial Properties

Wasatch Arborists provides reliable professional tree care that enhances and maintains private businesses, HOAs and other commercial properties. If your property requires ongoing tree maintenance, our team of ISA Certified Arborists can keep your commercial landscaping healthy, clean and hazard-free.

Commercial Tree Care and Maintenance Plans

Premier Forest Management for your Property

In addition to traditional commercial properties, our commercial tree services extend to government buildings and municipalities, schools and universities, golf courses, construction projects and industrial parks.

Specializing in property management, our tree care experts perform tree pruning, tree assessments, tree inventories and tree removal on all types of commercial properties. Our tree maintenance services keep commercial properties beautifully neat and orderly, and all of our maintenance plans include 24/7 emergency service to handle any tree emergency – day or night.

Property Maintenance for HOAs

Annual maintenance is a must for any HOA. At Wasatch Arborists, we understand how important it is to keep your HOA property looking charming, healthy and neat. Our HOA forest management teams provide comprehensive tree maintenance services, including pruning, dead branch and tree removal, and other essential grounds maintenance.

To establish a continuity of care, we make sure the same crews maintain the same HOA properties each year. This ensures that our arborists are intimately familiar with each property’s individual quirks and needs, and can provide the best care possible, year after year.

Site Assessments and Consulting

Professional Tree Protection

More and more cities and municipalities are now requiring site assessments for construction and development projects. In an effort to protect not only the environment but also the big, beautiful trees in it, many commercial construction site contractors consult with professional arborists to preserve as many trees as possible.

During a commercial construction site assessment, our team of ISA Certified Arborists will examine the property, diagnose any issues and develop a tree service plan that best addresses the site’s unique tree concerns.

Land Clearing Services

Heavy Duty Land Clearing Equipment Operators

Whether for commercial or residential construction, new development and roads, trail building or fire mitigation, our trained and certified heavy equipment operators have the experience, knowledge and equipment necessary to quickly and safely clear commercial and public lands.

Trees and Utility Line Clearance

At Wasatch Arborists, our biggest priority is always safety. Trees that touch power lines can become energized and highly dangerous. Trimming trees and branches away from powerlines – utilizing side, under and “v” pruning techniques – is essential to ensuring tree health and keeping both people and property safe.

When working around power lines, knowledge and experience is crucial. That is why our utility line clearance staff members have Electrical Hazards Awareness Program (EHAP) certifications and our operations meet American National Standard Institute’s (ANSI) published Z133 safety standards.

Commercial Tree Services

Our full-service, certified and licensed tree care specialists deliver comprehensive property maintenance and quality tree care for any sized commercial property or development.

Our Commercial Services Include

Tree inventory and maintenance plans
Trail building
Trimming, pruning and removal
Land clearing for new roads and construction
Tree preservation
Utility line clearance

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