Snow Removal

Wasatch Arborists – Snow Removal

Snow Removal Is An Unavoidable Part Of Life In The Park City Area

Our team provides roof snow removal as well as snow plowing.

It is easier to hire someone than to throw your back out or fall off your roof attempting to remove snow.  Wasatch Arborists would love to handle your commercial and residential snow removal needs.  We can provide one-time or seasonal, contract snow removal services including snow plowing, roof shoveling, and ice dam removal.   If you are looking for a certified, licensed, and insured snow removal company, give us a call today for a free quote!  

Roof Snow Removal

Removing snow from your roof is difficult and can be unsafe.

Letting snow pile up can cause your roof or chimney to collapse or leak. This can create more severe problems within your home or buildings.  Rooftop ice dams also pose a safety risk because they can fall, injuring people or property. Wasatch Arborists can help with roof shoveling and ice removal because our staff has the roped access equipment and knowledge to safely climb and and move across your roof.  Let us clean your roof while you stay safe and warm inside your home or business!

Snow Removal Services

Wasatch Arborists aren’t just a tree care specialist. We are also a snow removal service for the Park City area. Our skilled team offers the following services for snow removal:

Roped Access Roof Shoveling to Minimize Roof Leakage and Collapse
Residential and Commercial Snow Removal
One-time and Contract Snow Plowing