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Expert Tree Care

Quality Service from Experienced Arborists

At Wasatch Arborists, we’re not your typical tree service – we’re ISA Certified Arborists committed to tree health and safety. Our highly knowledgeable crews are equipped to provide professional tree risk assessments for residential and commercial properties, and are trained to deliver affordable tree care that exceeds expectations. As a true tree care company, our dedication to tree health is only outmatched by our commitment to superior customer service.

Tree Health

Providing Certified Tree Care

Trees are an integral part of our environment and maintaining healthy, thriving trees is always our top priority. That is why our first step in quality tree care is a free, in-depth consultation and estimate. In every consultation, our ISA Certified Arborists perform a tree risk assessment, assess tree health by checking for pests and diseases, and design a treatment plan that prioritizes tree needs.

We work hard to keep trees in top shape because healthy, well-maintained trees are incredibly resilient – and less likely to succumb to infestations and diseases. Our focus on preservation through proper maintenance and care not only helps save trees, but can also save you time and money in the long run.

Tree Risk Assessment and Preservation

Diagnosing Tree Disease

Whenever possible, Wasatch Arborists’ tree health specialists will do their best to save trees. While signs of a sick tree can be as obvious as yellowing leaves and dead branches, signs can also be as ambiguous as a lack of oxygen or poor soil conditions. Nearby construction, poor drainage, crowded planting, extreme weather and a whole host of other factors can all affect a tree’s health.

While we always aim to rehabilitate, not all trees can be saved. During our free tree risk assessment, we assess both tree health and its risk to the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, if a tree is too sick or hazardous, we will recommend removal.

Preserving and Protecting

At Wasatch Arborists, we go above and beyond to provide the best tree care possible to help treat and preserve at-risk trees. For us, tree preservation means providing proactive maintenance to prolong tree life.

We cable and brace trees to correct structural issues or damages, spray trees and aerate root systems, and proactively defend trees from pests and animals by creating safe zones with fencing. We also regularly work within construction zones to protect trees and their root structures.

If you are looking to remove a tree purely for aesthetic purposes or for building clearance, proper pruning and other reduction techniques can often provide better alternatives to removal. Before removing a tree, we will always suggest other options or possible solutions to the problem.

Warning Signs of At-Risk Trees

  • Visible burlap or metal around the root ball
  • Structural issues, including codominant stems
  • Open cavities on the trunk or large branches
  • Mushrooms and/or fungi are a sign of decay
  • Root systems starting to tilt and/or heave
  • Tip dieback (dying from the tips down)
  • Strangulation from unremoved staking lines
  • Bark and trunk damage from animals or machines

Professional Tree Care Services

Wasatch Arborists is the premier tree care specialist in Summit, Salt Lake and Wasatch counties. Our ISA Certified Arborists, as well as our dedication to quality tree care and exceptional customer service, set us apart in the local tree care industry.

Our Tree Care Services Include

Free consultations
Preservation and treatment
Tree risk assessments
Air spading, root system aerating and fertilization
Land Clearing

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