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Tree Removal and Tree Pruning

Expert Tree Care Services 

At Wasatch Arborists, we place a premium on superior service. When it comes to tree removal, stump removal and tree pruning, our knowledge and expertise allow us to provide the quality service you can expect from ISA Certified Arborists.

Tree Removal

Specializing in Residential and Commercial Properties

As avid tree huggers, we do everything we can to save trees. Unfortunately, disease, instability or lack of space occasionally means tree removal is the only option.

While it may not seem so, removing a tree can be dangerous work – and a threat to both you and your property. Our team of certified specialists has the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to safely remove dead, dying or nuisance trees from residential and commercial properties. In addition to individual tree removal, our crews are well equipped to clear land for construction and large projects.

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal

In the case of a storm or other emergency, our certified and fully-insured team of arborists is ready and able to handle emergency tree problems quickly and safely. Whether limbs or other storm debris are endangering your property or a tree has already damaged your home, business or roadway, we are available 24/7 to manage your tree emergency and limit further damage.

Advantages of Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

If you have a dead, dying or nuisance tree on your property, crane-assisted tree removal is the safest, most efficient and least impactful removal option.

Benefits of Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Include

Decreased labor costs due to high efficiency and reliability
Increased safety and reduced risk of injury compared to tree climbing and rope use
Reduced debris and limited impact to property

Stump Removal

Stump Grinding for Easy Removal

The byproduct of tree removal, stumps can be a safety hazard or an eyesore on your property. That is why our certified tree care specialists offer on-site stump grinding – the most efficient and effective method of stump removal available. Quick and convenient, our stump removal services include either removing the stump debris or leaving the mulch to be repurposed in your landscaping.

Stump Grinding Advantages

Stump grinding is by far the best method for residential and commercial stump removal. Grinding not only reduces the chance of the tree resprouting but also allows for new trees, shrubs or other landscaping to be planted where the stump is ground. In addition to removing an unsightly stump, grinding also makes your property safer, as stumps are a tripping and lawn maintenance hazard.

Tree Pruning

An Educated Trimming Service

Proper care helps trees thrive. While regular pruning stimulates growth and improves overall tree health, improper trimming can harm tree vitality and appearance. At Wasatch Arborists, all of our ISA Certified Arborists are educated in tree structure and biology, and are highly experienced in the best pruning techniques and current industry practices to keep trees properly pruned, healthy and happy.

Tree Trimming

In addition to improving tree health, regular tree trimming can help encourage fruit tree production, increase property value, and improve property aesthetics and safety.

While pruning should not be done unless it is needed, any tree that has branches encroaching on power lines or roofs should be proactively trimmed, and dead or broken branches should be removed promptly to avoid personal injury or property damage.

Tree Pruning Benefits

Wasatch Arborists’ comprehensive tree trimming services not only allow your trees to flourish but help improve the appearance and safety of your home or commercial property.

Proper Tree Pruning Benefits Include

Improved and maintained tree health

Reduced risk of wind damage

Increased fruit tree production

Reduced risk of damage from dead limbs

Enhanced tree structure

Improved view and aesthetics

Improved building and roadway clearance

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