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Defensible Space for Fire Protection

Fire Mitigation for the Utah Wildland-Urban Interface

The threat of wildfires in Utah is always high, no matter how deep the previous winter’s snowpack was or how favorable drought conditions may be. Defensible spaces, or buffer zones between private or commercial property and wildland, are increasingly important to prevent the spread of wildfires and protect property from fire devastation.

How to Create Defensible Space

Utah Homes and Commercial Properties at Risk

Wildfires are a constant threat in Summit, Wasatch and Salt Lake counties. To protect your property, it is crucial to engage in active fire mitigation and create a defensible space around your property. This includes removing and properly disposing of dead and dying trees, trimming trees to remove ladder fuel, performing other fuel reduction procedures and creating fire breaks.

Trained in Wildland-Urban Interface

Professional WUI Assessments

The Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) is the zone where residential, commercial and other human development meet and intermingle with undeveloped wildland. As local populations grow and development spreads, Utah counties, fire departments and our fire protection specialists at Wasatch Arborists know that the WUI poses an ever-increasing risk to life, property and infrastructure.

Our estimators are trained in WUI assessments and we have a crew that specializes in WUI fire mitigation. We currently provide fire mitigation for The Colony and Summit Park HOA, and encourage all Utah home and business owners to do their part in preventing the spread of wildfires in our mountains and communities.

Wood Chipping for Fuel Reduction

Sustainable Solution for Fire Protection

Fuel reduction is a vital component of proper fire mitigation, as tree debris on your property can increase wildfire risk. Wood chipping is a sustainable solution to debris that also provides high-quality mulch that can be repurposed for landscaping or gardening. Handled by one of our certified operators, our large tub grinder is perfect for HOAs, commercial properties and ski resorts needing to clear land for fire protection purposes.

When it comes to fire mitigation, small woodchip beds are okay to use in your landscaping, however proper wood chipping protocols should be followed. Chipping debris and spraying it on the neighboring property only moves the fire risk to another spot. At Wasatch Arborists, we ensure that the fire risk is reduced – not simply moved.

Professional Tree Services for Fire Protection

Living in the mountains in Utah comes with a host of perks, but developing so close to wildland also entails risks and responsibilities. Wildfires can quickly spread across the Wildland-Urban Interface, making proper defensible space crucial to our communities.

Defensible space creates survivable space – space that proactively protects your home if firefighters cannot reach you in time to defend your property.

Our Fire Mitigation Services Include

WUI assessments and defensible space
Wood chipping for fuel reduction
Fire breaks that surround residential and commercial properties
Tree pruning and lower limb removal for building clearance
Dead tree removal and disposal

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