Consulting & Tree Risk Assessment

Wasatch Arborists – Consulting and Tree Risk Assessment

Helping you Assess Your Tree’s Health

Wasatch Arborists Offers Consulting And Tree Risk Assessment To Park City And The Surrounding Cities.

Our team of certified arborists offers free estimates and great prices. We offer our tree risk assessment and consulting services to both residential and commercial properties. If you are unsure if a tree needs removing or if it is dangerous, give us a call. Our team is fully licensed, insured, and certified to bring you the best in tree services.

Consultation Services

An ISA Certified Arborist Consultation Will Include Valuable Information About The State Of Your Trees.

Wasatch Arborists will meet with you to determine if your trees are healthy or if they need help.  All of our estimates include a free initial consultation.  After that, consultation appointments can be scheduled for a more extensive examination of your trees or ongoing arborist oversight.

During a consult the following will occur:
  • Assess Tree Health
  • Check Trees for Disease and Pests
  • Tree Risk Assessment
  • Prioritize Tree Needs

Once we know what is going on with your trees, we can discuss and prioritize needs and create a tree care and protection plan.   Wasatch Arborists will always work to save a tree, whenever possible, and will never recommend removal unless necessary or requested by you.  Although we aim to preserve your trees, not all trees can be saved. Some are too dangerous and must be removed. Luckily, our removal fees are very reasonable. For more information or to schedule an arborist consult, give us a call today!

Tree Risk Assessment

Wasatch Arborists provides advanced tree risk assessments to both residential and commercial properties in the Park City, Heber, and Salt Lake areas. Tree risk assessments are used to spot probable weaknesses before they turn into a major problem. An assessment completed by a certified arborist could save you thousands of dollars in property damages, removal services and personal injury.  A tree risk assessment can identify potentially hazardous trees and indicate either removal or preservation techniques.

Some of our techniques include:

These approaches give your trees more stability and longevity.  Call us today for a tree risk assessment that can save you time and money by catching problems before they multiply!