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Crane Assisted Tree Removal in Park City – Crane Service

Park City Crane Service

Wasatch Arborists now owns a 33-ton, 125′ crane, and offers crane services to Park City and the neighboring cities. Our crane is used in-house for tree removal or it can be hired for use in the community for your tree, construction, or other lift needs.  If you have a large project that requires crane services, we can assist you.

Crane Assisted Tree Removal

Wasatch Arborists is the best choice for crane assisted tree removal in and around Park City. We can meet your residential and commercial tree-removal needs with our in-house crane.  If you have a dead, dying or nuisance tree, crane assisted tree removal is your best choice because it is the safest, most efficient, and least impactful approach.

  • It’s safer because machinery is held to specific standards and inspections, making it less likely to fail or cause injury than tree climbing and use of ropes.

  • It’s more efficient because a crane significantly decreases labor and work time.  Because we own our crane in-house, cost savings from decreased labor and rental fees trickle down to our customers!

  • It’s less impactful because the crane can move the tree from your property to the road without having to place the debris or machinery on the lawn and landscaping.

Why Choose a Professional Crane Operator?

Operating machinery is a highly-skilled trade requiring experience, instruction, and certification.  Luckily, the Park City area has the NCCCO-certified crane operators at Wasatch Arborists. A professional crane operator can effortlessly help you get any trees you need removed from your property or complete your lift projects. Our crane is fully licensed and insured for your protection. If you have any questions regarding crane assisted tree removal, and would like to discuss it with our Crane specialist, feel free to give us a call today, or fill out our online request form.