Stump Grinding

Wasatch Arborists – Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the best method of stump removal available

Wasatch Arborists Offer The Park City And Neighboring Regions In-House Stump Grinding Services for Commercial and Residential Customers

Stumps are what happens after a tree falls or is cut down. If it was not done by a certified professional, you might be left with a large stump in your yard. No one wants an ugly stump just sitting there for all to see. This is the number one reason we offer stump grinding services. Stump grinding is the most efficient and effective method of stump removal available. Our certified tree care specialists are knowledgeable in stump grinding and other tree services.  They can help you decide whether stump grinding is an option for you at your free estimate.  Our team will quickly grind the stump and remove the debris, or you can turn it into mulch for your garden and landscaping.

Stump Grinding Advantages

There are several advantages to stump grinding over other methods of stump removal. Wasatch Arborists is happy to offer this great service to our Park City, Salt Lake, Heber, and Midway residents and commercial businesses. Some of the advantages include:


Allows for new trees, shrubs, or other landscaping to be planted where stump is ground


Makes your property safer for people, by removing a tripping hazard, and for your lawn maintenance equipment


Stumps can be an eyesore – grinding them improves views and curl appeal


Grinding reduces the chance of the tree resprouting